Brittany Louise Myburgh

PhD Candidate


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • The use of electric light in 20th and 21st century art
  • International movements of the post-war period
  • Modern and Contemporary art in Oceania
  • Creating platforms for Indigenous art

Working Dissertation


"Projected Visions: Electric light and sight in 20th and 21st Century Art"


Louis Kaplan


Brittany's dissertation "Projected Visions" explores light as a medium in twentieth and twenty-first century art. Her dissertation examines the various ways in which light took center stage as a medium in the work of early light artists. The dissertation proposes that the history of light art enables a deeper understanding of media practice and what it means to engage and participate in interactive new media art.


Brittany Myburgh is a PhD candidate in the Art History Department at the University of Toronto. Her research is broadly concerned with the intersections of technology, society, cultures of exhibition, and modern art. Her dissertation "Projected Visions" examines the various ways in which light took center stage as a medium in the twentieth century. Originally from Aotearoa/New Zealand, Brittany also writes about and teaches on a range of topics related to contemporary Oceanic settler colonial and indigenous artistic practice. She is also the director of arts organization "The Six Hundred," and lead editor at "Re:Locations: Journal of the Asia Pacific-World."

Selected Publications

  • Myburgh, B. “Waves of Exchange,” editors introduction, in "Navigating Visions of the Asia-Pacific." Forthcoming October 2020.
  • “Efrat, L and B. Myburgh. “Seeing is Sensing.” ISEA, 2020. Forthcoming.
  • Myburgh, B and E. Zhang. “The Royal Ontario Museum’s Asia-Pacific Collection.” Re:Locations: Journal of the Asia-Pacific World. Vol. 2, No. 1, (2019): p. 46-59.
  • Myburgh, B. “Here and Now: Indigenous Canadian Perspectives and New Media in works by Ruben Komangapik, Kent Monkman and Adrian Duke.” Leonardo, Vol. 51, No. 4, (2018): p.394–98.

Recent Awards

  • Received Munk School of Global Affairs Research Fellowship for work at the Asian Institute
  • Awarded Richard Charles Lee Munk School of Global Affairs Leadership award for contributions to scholarship on the Asia-Pacific World
  • Awarded University of Toronto Mississauga Graduate Expansion Funding
  • Awarded first in Contemporary Pacific Art, University of Auckland


Journal management and editorial experience:

  • Journal Manager and Senior Editor for the Re:Locations Journal of the Asia Pacific World (2017- Present)
  • Journal Manager for the University of Toronto Art Journals (2017-Present)
  • Web developer, designer and manager for the Taiwan Gazette, Munk School of Global Affairs (2017 - Present)
  • Director at The Six Hundred (2017-Present)
  • Co-Founder of Intaglio (2018)
Conference Organization:
  • Co-Chair of "Matrix and Mobility: Networks of Objects and Exchange." University of Toronto, forthcoming 2021.
  • Symposium committee "Resilience & Disaster: The Global South during COVID-19." forthcoming November 2020.
  • Co-Chair with Samantha Chang and Lauryn Smith. "Accessing Art in the Virtual World: A Conversation about Access, Equity, and Diversity in 2020." Universities Art Association of Canada, October 15 2020.
  • Co-Chair with Dr. Julia Lum of "Re:Locations: Navigating Visions of the Asia-Pacific World." University of Toronto 2019.
  • Co-Chair with Liron Efrat of "MixtuRE: Digital Art and Compositional Realities." University of Toronto Mississauga, 2019.
  • Co-Chair with Samantha Chang "Art History: Why Does it Matter?" Hart House, University of Toronto, 2019.

Curatorial Experience: 

  • Co-curator of "Liminal: Interstices Between and Betwixt," Beaver Hall Gallery, Toronto, 2020.
  • Curator, catalog editor and designer for "Carrying Light/Nesot Gaismu: Contemporary Latvian Art." Hilton, Toronto, 2019.
  • Curator of "Navigating Visions of the Asia-Pacific World." University of Toronto, 2019.
  • Curator of "I Blink My Eyes to Keep the Time." Beaver Hall Gallery, 2019.
  • Curator of "Why Does it Matter?" Hart House, 2019.
  • Curator of Gallery 35 opening night: Launch exhibition, at Gallery 35, Toronto 2018.



MA, University of Toronto
BFA (Hons), University of Auckland, Elam School of Fine Arts
BA, University of Auckland, Art History and English Literature


"Seeing is Sensing," to be presented at the International Symposium of Electronic Arts, October 2020.
“In Pursuit of the Pacific: Past and Present Visions of Tahiti,” presented as part of the Pacific Arts Association panel at the annual College of Arts Association conference, New York, February 16th 2019.
“Here and Now: storytelling in Indigenous New Media practice,” presented at SIGGRAPH 2018, Vancouver Convention Centre, August 15th 2018.
"Our Old Korua Picasso: Modernism in Aotearoa," presented at the University of Toronto Masters Series, 2016

Administrative Service

President of the Graduate Union of Students of Art, University of Toronto (Sep 2017- Sep 2019)
Committee Member of the University of Toronto Art History department's diversity, inclusivity and equity forum.
ommittee Member of the Art Gallery of Ontario's Next program.