Art History Department

Sabahat Zehra

Modern/Contemporary, South Asian

As an aspiring academic scholar, I wish to integrate the fields of Art History and Urban Studies; focusing on how art within urban spaces has evolved historically and what role art forms play within an urban space. What happens within a city or any urban center can be, in my opinion, dissected & understood to a large extent if we just focus on the visual aspects of spaces. How we navigate cities is defined by what is and isn’t visible to us, how the fear within us of the “other” is both a cause and a result of what can be seen around us. Art, its cultural context, and how it has been originated & received in the past, is crucial in understanding the dynamics of cities (both historically and in contemporary times); which is what I aim to explore during my academic career.

Areas of Academic Interest
  • South Asian art history
  • Islamic art history
  • Contemporary art history
  • Urban studies
  • Visual studies
  • Gender studies
  • Undergraduate Degree in Social Sciences & Liberal Arts (Major: Psychology, Minor: Urban Studies), Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Pakistan

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