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Welcome, alumni and friends of the Department of Art History. You’re part of a vibrant U of T Arts & Science community and are a great source of inspiration, advice, and support for our students and faculty.

There are many ways to stay connected and to get involved, from attending alumni events and reunions, to mentoring students, to helping fund important Department of Art History initiatives.

We appreciate and value your support and continued involvement.

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Your alumni network can be transformative, both personally and professionally.

Even if you haven’t been in touch since graduation, it’s easy to reconnect.

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Our alumni are a great source of inspiration and advice for our students.

So get involved—share your knowledge and experience through one of our student/alumni programs!

Even if you’re not in the Greater Toronto Area, we can find the right opportunity for you.

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The Department of Art History delivers one of the most comprehensive, relevant and progressive programs in art history in North America. Your gift will support a new generation of art historians, researchers, and curators.