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Course Code Title Instructor(s) Area(s) Year(s) Offered
BKS2000H The Medieval Book Then and Now Cohen Medieval 2018–19
COL5100H The Late Barthes: The Neutral, Mourning, and Photography Ricco Modern/Contemporary 2012–13
COL5109H Jean-Luc Nancy: Retreating the Aesthetic Ricco Modern/Contemporary 2022–23, 2013–14
COL5127H Queer Ethics and Aesthetics Ricco Modern/Contemporary 2021–22
COL5142H Women and Sex and Talk Ricco Modern/Contemporary 2023–24
FAH1001H Methods Graduate Department of Art Faculty Other Every year
FAH1114H Multicultural Arts of Medieval Sicily Caskey Medieval 2015–16
FAH1118H The Medieval Treasury Caskey Medieval 2021–22, 2016–17
FAH1119H China in the Global Middle Ages Purtle Medieval, Asian 2022–23, 2018–19, 2016–17
FAH1121H The Twelfth-Century Renaissance? Cohen Medieval 2015–16
FAH1123H Art of the Medieval Book Cohen Medieval 2022–23, 2020–21, 2019–20, 2013–14
FAH1125H Medieval Pilgrimage Art and Architecture Caskey Medieval 2017–18, 2013–14, 2011–12
FAH1126H Exceptional Cities of the Middle Ages Caskey Medieval 2012–13
FAH1127H Early Medieval Art Cohen Medieval 2023–24, 2012–13, 2011–12
FAH1129H Medieval Ages Approaches Wollesen Medieval 2012–13
FAH1130H Architecture of the Otherworld: Islamic Architecture and the Immaterial Mostafa Medieval 2023–24, 2022–23
FAH1134H Communal Painting and Propaganda in Italy during the 13th and 14th Centuries Wollesen Medieval 2011–12
FAH1175H Early Islamic Architecture Mostafa Medieval, Architecture 2018–19, 2017–18
FAH1177H Architecture of the Umayyads Mostafa Medieval 2021–22, 2020–21, 2019–20
FAH1201H Art, Space, and Ritual in Renaissance Convents Periti Early Modern 2011–12
FAH1202H Correggio and the Problem of Italian Renaissance Art Periti Early Modern 2021–22, 2018–19, 2015–16, 2012–13
FAH1203H Art and Monasticism in Renaissance Italy Periti Early Modern 2013–14
FAH1204H The Cassinese Art of Reform in Renaissance Italy Periti Early Modern 2014–15
FAH1205H Early Modern Intermediality Levy Early Modern 2023–24, 2022–23, 2020–21, 2019–20, 2018–19, 2016–17
FAH1206H Artistic Localities in Italy and China Periti, Purtle Early Modern 2019–20
FAH1207H Formalism and Its Objects Purtle Modern/Contemporary 2020–21 (Cancelled)
FAH1208H Multiples in Chinese Art Purtle Early Modern 2020–21
FAH1210H Chinese Painting: Objects, Theories, Methods Purtle Early Modern 2023–24
FAH1220H Multi-Media Transmorphism: The Many Arts of the Netherlandish Renaissance Kavaler Early Modern 2023–24, 2022–23
FAH1221H Inside the Painter's Studio Sohm Early Modern 2020–21, 2019–20, 2018–19, 2017–18, 2016–17, 2015–16, 2014–15, 2013–14, 2012–13
FAH1224H Renaissance in Miniature Periti Early Modern 2020–21
FAH1226H Architecture and Alchemy before Modernism Anderson Early Modern 2011–12
FAH1229H Architecture of the Global Renaissance Anderson Early Modern, Architecture 2020–21, 2018–19, 2014–15
FAH1231H Northern European Sculpture 1400–1600 Kavaler Medieval, Early Modern 2021–22, 2019–20, 2016–17, 2014–15, 2013–14
FAH1232H Liquescent Art and Cultures Anderson Early Modern, Architecture 2022–23, 2021–22
FAH1245H Pieter Bruegel and Netherlandish Painting of the Sixteenth Century Kavaler Early Modern 2014–15
FAH1249H Margaret of Austria and the Renaissance in the Netherlands: Hieronymus Bosch, Jan Gossaert, Albrecht Dürer et al. Kavaler Early Modern 2015–16, 2012–13
FAH1288H Material Bernini: Terracotta, Ink, Bronze and Stone Levy Early Modern 2012–13
FAH1299H Heinrich Wölfflin's Principles of Art History (1915) @ 100: A Worldwide Reception History Levy, plus a consortium of 12 colleagues from around the world (2015–16 only) Early Modern, Modern/Contemporary 2015–16, 2011–12
FAH1410H Artwriting, Past and Present Cheetham Modern/Contemporary 2023–24, 2015–16, 2012–13
FAH1411H Art and Analogy Cheetham Modern/Contemporary 2020–21, 2017–18, 2016–17
FAH1416H Art History and the Digital Gu Modern/Contemporary 2023–24
FAH1456H Theories of Photographic Manipulation: Prehistories to Pictorialism Bear Modern/Contemporary 2012–13
FAH1457H Vernacular Photography Dewan Modern/Contemporary 2020–21
FAH1458H Viewing History: The Visual Experience of the Past, 1750–1900 Bear Modern/Contemporary 2016–17, 2011–12
FAH1462H Photography and Scientific Representation in the 19th Century Bear Modern/Contemporary 2022–23, 2014–15
FAH1463H Realisms Kavaler, Bear Medieval, Early Modern, Modern/Contemporary 2020–21, 2018–19
FAH1464H The Recalcitrant Icon Jain Thematic, Geo-Zone 2016–17
FAH1471H The Aesthetics of Democracy Jain Modern/Contemporary, Non-Western 2015–16
FAH1475H Picasso in View of Nanette Legge Modern/Contemporary 2021–22, 2019–20
FAH1476H Surrealism and Art Legge Modern/Contemporary 2016–17
FAH1481H Automotive Affects Jain Modern/Contemporary 2012–13
FAH1482H The Time of Art History Jain Modern/Contemporary 2014–15
FAH1486H Bloomsbury and Vorticism Syme Modern/Contemporary 2022–23, 2019–20, 2012–13
FAH1488H The Nature of Landscape Jain Modern/Contemporary 2017–18
FAH1489H Re: Vision (Comparative Histories of the Senses) Jain Modern/Contemporary 2019–20
FAH1490H Photography and the Occult Kaplan Modern/Contemporary 2023–24, 2022–23
FAH1500H Augmented Reality Art Kaplan Modern/Contemporary 2019–20, 2015–16
FAH1755H Architecture and the Project of Industrial Modernity Clarke Modern/Contemporary, Architecture 2016–17
FAH1756H Acoustic Space Clarke Modern/Contemporary, Architecture 2019–20, 2017–18
FAH1757H Animal Images Jain All 2020–21
FAH1758H What Images Do: Approaches From South Asia Jain Modern/Contemporary 2021–22
FAH1759H Modern Architecture and Its Representations Clarke Modern/Contemporary 2021–22
FAH1800H James Wilson Morrice Reid Modern/Contemporary 2014–15, 2012–13
FAH1801H Portraiture in Canada, 1750–1870: Painting into Photography Reid Modern/Contemporary 2017–18, 2016–17, 2015–16, 2013–14, 2011–12
FAH1870H Recent Canadian Art in the International Perspective: Ecological Art in Canada since the 1960s Cheetham Modern/Contemporary 2023–24, 2011–12
FAH1920H Primitivism to Globalism: Theories of Otherness in Modern and Contemporary Arts Harney Modern/Contemporary 2019–20, 2011–12
FAH1921H GeoAesthetics: Arctic Voyaging Cheetham Modern/Contemporary 2022–23, 2021–22, 2018–19, 2014–15
FAH1922H Contemporary Art and Ethnography: Renewed Exchanges Harney Modern/Contemporary 2020–21
FAH1930H Contemporary Art Since 1960 (cross-listed from Visual Studies VIS1010H) Schelle Modern/Contemporary 2013–14, 2012–13, 2011–12
FAH1931H Contemporary Art: Theory and Criticism (cross-listed from Visual Studies VIS1020H) Lloyd, Steele Modern/Contemporary 2013–14, 2012–13, 2011–12
FAH1932H Paradigmatic Exhibitions: History, Theory, Criticism (cross-listed from Visual Studies VIS1101H) Fischer Modern/Contemporary 2013–14, 2012–13, 2011–12
FAH1934H Cosmopolitan/Comparative Modernisms Harney Modern/Contemporary 2018–19, 2015–16, 2012–13
FAH1935H Contemporary Art Practices and the Modernist Archive Harney Modern/Contemporary 2022–23, 2014–15
FAH1936H The Retro-Modern and the Time of the Contemporary Harney Modern/Contemporary 2017–18
FAH1940H Photography and Humour Kaplan Modern/Contemporary 2023–24, 2021–22, 2018–19, 2016–17
FAH1951H Contemporary Chinese Art and its Discontents Gu Modern/Contemporary, Asian 2022–23, 2020–21, 2019–20, 2018–19, 2016–17, 2014–15, 2012–13
FAH1956H Can Art History Speak Chinese? Gu Modern/Contemporary, Asian 2013–14
FAH1960H Indigenous Art, Land, and Material Relations in the Great Lakes Migwans Modern/Contemporary 2023–24, 2020–21
FAH1961H Art and Activism Migwans Modern/Contemporary 2022–23, 2021–22
FAH1965H The Sixties Revisited Harakawa Modern/Contemporary 2023–24
FAH2017H Art and Archaeology of the Everyday Knappett Ancient 2012–13
FAH2018H Art in the Aegean Bronze Age: Contemporary Perspectives Knappett Ancient 2016–17, 2011–12
FAH2021H Myth and Fantasy in Roman Painting Ewald Ancient 2018–19, 2015–16
FAH2022H Rhetoric of Space Kim Ancient 2013–14
FAH2023H Mind and Materiality: Views from Art History and Archaeology Knappett Ancient 2018–19, 2014–15
FAH2025H Visual Narrative and Time in Ancient Greek and Roman Art Kim Ancient 2020–21
FAH2026H Myth into Art: Myth and Visual Narrative in Antiquity Ewald Ancient 2014–15
FAH2027H Women and Gender in Ancient Greece Kim Ancient 2018–19, 2015–16
FAH2028H Art and Philosophy of Time Kim Ancient 2019–20, 2016–17
FAH2029H The Art of Perception Kim Ancient 2017–18
FAH2034H Topics in Roman Imperial Art: Monuments and Metanarratives Ewald Ancient 2022–23, 2020–21, 2016–17, 2012–13, 2011–12
FAH2035H Visual Narrative and Time in Ancient Greek and Roman Art Kim Ancient 2014–15
FAH2037H Empathy, Embodiment and Emotion in Ancient Art Ewald Ancient 2021–22, 2017–18
FAH2038H Greek and Roman Sculpture at the ROM Ewald Ancient 2019–20
FAH2041H Greek Vases at the Royal Ontario Museum Kim Ancient 2023–24
FAH2060H Artisans and Artists in the Ancient World Sapirstein Ancient 2023–24
FAH3000H Art of the Caribbean and its Diasporas Harakawa Modern/Contemporary 2022–23
FAH3000H Life of Christiane Pflug Uhlyarik, Legge Modern/Contemporary 2017–18
FAH3000H Making Pictures in Medieval China Wang Medieval, Asian 2015–16
FAH3000H Early Mass Visual Culture in the United States Leja Modern/Contemporary 2014–15
FAH3011H Roman Painting Katsougiannopoulou Ancient 2013–14
FAH3013H Topics in Italian Renaissance Art History Nova Early Modern 2016–17
FAH3013H Problems in Song Dynasty Painting and Calligraphy Murck Medieval, Asian 2014–15
FAH3000H Photography's Collective Future and Other Lives Ricco, Hayes Modern/Contemporary 2021–22
JLF1492H Retreating the Aesthetic Ricco Modern/Contemporary 2011–12
MAC1000Y Methods in Mediterranean Archeology Knappett, Sapirstein Ancient 2023–24, 2022–23, 2021–22, 2019–20