Tuition and Funding

Visit the Student Accounts website for the current tuition fee schedules and how to pay your fees. In addition to tuition, payment of graduate fees are required. Consult the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Graduate Fees webpage for further information.

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SGS Graduate Fees

MA Funding

Department of Art History Master of Arts students are not funded, although a small number are awarded one of the few departmental awards. MA students are also eligible for scholarships through the federal government's Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS-M) Program. Applications must be submitted the fall before admission. Refer to the U of T Finances and the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Awards and Funding webpages for further guidance.

U of T Finances

SGS Awards and Funding

PhD Funding

Students admitted to the PhD program will receive a five-year financial package that at minimum includes a base amount, plus tuition and fees. This funding package is contingent in part on your maintaining satisfactory progress toward completion of your degree and acceptance of any Teaching Assistantships or Research Assistantships offered to you as part of the package. The sources and amount of funding may vary from year to year. Applications for other fellowships and scholarship funds are made available each year. Information on deadlines for submitting applications will be circulated by the department as soon as received.

Base departmental funding packages are processed through ACORN in September, January, and May. Students can manage their bank account information, sign up for direct deposit, and defer fees through ACORN. For all questions about funding and finances, please contact the Graduate Assistant. For specific information on payment processing, consult the Financial Officer. Refer to the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and the Faculty of Arts & Science funding webpages for further guidance.

SGS How Funding Works: Research-Stream Programs

Graduate Funding in Arts & Science

Terms and Conditions

You must abide by the terms and conditions of your funding package as outlined by the Faculty of Arts & Science. In general, the following applies:

  • You must be within the funded cohort (years 1-5), registered, full-time, and in good academic standing
  • You must apply for and accept external awards for which you are eligible
  • You must disclose all external awards to the Graduate Office, including those paid directly to you
  • You must apply for and accept any TA/CI appointments that are offered to you
  • You must disclose all TA/CI positions held in other departments, including the Department of Visual Studies at UTM and the Department of Arts, Culture & Media at UTSC, to the Graduate Office

Graduate Funding Terms and Conditions

Scholarships and Awards

The School of Graduate Studies and the Faculty of Arts & Science awards many graduate student scholarships and awards. Graduate students are encouraged to search out funding from various internal and external sources. Students should apply for all sources of funding for which they are eligible. The Graduate Office has compiled shortlists of various scholarships and awards to get you started.


Please refer to the FAQ page and/or contact the Graduate Assistant.

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