MA Program Requirements

The MA program is a course-based degree designed to prepare students for curatorial work, art consultation, heritage programs, cultural journalism, secondary school teaching, and doctoral research.

MA students will take six seminars (or three full-course equivalents [3.0 FCE]). Full-time students can complete the program in two terms by taking three seminars (1.5 FCE) in each of the two terms. 

We have a limited number of places for students who wish to complete the MA part-time. Part-time students have six years to complete the degree. If you wish to apply for the part-time MA, you must indicate this on the application form.

Students in the MA program are not assigned a supervisor and do not complete a thesis.

Admission Requirements

Candidates are admitted under the general regulations listed by the School of Graduate Studies. Applicants should have a strong overall grade average in the history of art and closely related subjects, with at least a B+ average in recent senior art history and/or humanities courses. The Department also welcomes applications from outstanding candidates with a background other than art history (with at least five art history courses in their academic background). In addition to transcripts, a CV, and three letters of reference, applicants must include a statement of intent and a sample research paper.

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Program Requirements

Requirement Description
Coursework and Distribution

Coursework is designed to give students a strong foundation in Art History research across multiple time and geographic regions. Students will complete six seminars (or three full-course equivalents [3.0 FCE]) as follows:

  • Coursework must be chosen from at least three of four fields: 1) Ancient, 2) Medieval, 3) Early Modern, 4) Modern/Contemporary. No more than 2.0 FCEs may be taken in any one of the four fields.
  • Coursework must also be taken in at least two geographic zones (Western, East Asian, South Asian, African, etc.). Courses without a specific regional focus may count toward the geographical distribution requirement if the student's final paper is on an appropriate topic.
  • The equivalent of 1.0 FCE may be taken in another graduate department (e.g., Medieval Studies, Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations), subject to approval of the Department of Art History and the other department concerned.
Language The MA degree requires demonstrated reading knowledge of a language other than English for graduation. This will be tested in the first session of the program. Language exams are administered by the department and consist of a two-hour translation excercise; only hard copy print dictionaries may be used.
Orientation to Art Historical Research Methods New students must attend Orientation to Art Historical Research Methods: a workshop designed to familiarize new students with research resources, led by the Department Librarian.


Please refer to the FAQ page and/or contact the Graduate Assistant.

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