J. Walter Graham Lecture Series

This lecture is named after James Walter Graham (1906–91), who taught ancient Aegean art and architecture in the department from 1947 until his retirement from teaching in 1967. Graham was an authority in Minoan architecture, and wrote The Palaces of Crete (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1962) which remains a seminal text in the field. He helped establish the University of Toronto as the only Canadian University where doctoral studies in the prehistoric Aegean (Minoan and Mycenaean) could be pursued. The J. Walter Graham lectureship was launched in 1988 by sizeable donations from Mrs. Louise Stone and Mr. James W. Shakely, as well as other departmental alumni.

Date Speaker Title
2018 September 20 Peter Stewart, Director, Classical Art Research Centre, University of Oxford “From Yorkshire to Yingpan: The Global Life of Roman Art”
2013 January 7 Jan Driessen, Université catholique de Louvain, Director, Belgian School at Athens “Ariadne’s Thread: Backtracking the Minoan Palaces”
2010 April 27 Marisa Marthari, KA Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classicial Antiquities, Greece “Excavating and enhancing the EB II Cycladic settlement at the site of Skarkos on Ios”
2009 January 12 Ortwin Dally, Secretary General, German Archaeological Institute “The Power of the Roman Emperor: German Classical Archaeology between 1968 and Today”
2001 March 8 George Bass, Texas A&M University “Bronze Age Aegean Shipwrecks Found Off the Coast of Turkey”
1998 November 24 Sarah P. Morris, University of California, Los Angeles “Imaginary Kings: Rulership in Prehistoric and Early Greece”
1998 January 14 Nanno Marinatos, University of Illinois at Chicago “Sexuality and Power, Aegean and Greek Goddesses in Near Eastern Perspective”
1996 October 22 Margaret Cool Root, University of Michigan “Persia and the Parthenon: Current Agendas”
1996 January 30 C. Brian Rose, University of Pennsylvania “Recent Excavations at Greek and Roman Troy”
1994 Manfred Bietak, Austrian Academy of Sciences “Recent Discoveries of Frescoes in the Eastern Delta in Egypt, in the City of Avaris, Capital of the Hyksos”
1992 October 29 William L. MacDonald, Smith College “Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli”
1991 November 7 Andrew Stewart, University of California, Berkeley Cuius tabula nullis postferenda: Heroism, Frustration, Tragedy, and Chance in the Alexander Mosaic”
1991 February 7 Ellen Davis, Queen’s College, City University of New York “Minoan Painting and its Relation to Egypt”