Graduate Course Preference Form

Graduate Course Preference Form

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Please complete this form to indicate your requests for Art History graduate courses.

Repeat Course Proposals: Although it is vital for the department to have a vibrant and up-to-date selection of courses, you may include among your preferences courses from previous years that you would like to teach again. The course titles and descriptions must match the version that received formal governance approval. The description may be updated by adding or revising a few sentences for inclusion on the department website. Note that courses not taught within the past five years require re-activation and governance approval.

New Course Proposals: The Faculty of Arts & Science limits the approved course description for new courses to 150 words and the course title to 60 characters (with a 30-character ROSI short title).

The due date for Graduate Art History Course Selections for 2024–25 is January 19, 2024.

Requests for courses, terms, days, and times will be accommodated as much as possible but cannot be guaranteed. Tri-campus department meetings will be held Thursdays 1-3pm in 2024-25, therefore it is important not to schedule classes at that time.

Instructor Information
Repeat Course Proposal(s)
Provide COURSE CODES, TITLES, and the YEARS/SEMESTERS that each course was taught. Consult the Art History course archive where needed:
New Course Proposal
The course description will be used by the Graduate Office, the Graduate Council, and the Website Administrator. To submit a new course proposal, please fully complete this section.
The full title of the course. Maximum 60 characters recommended. Note: this is the title that will appear on a student’s transcript
Our MA program breadth requirements will change in fall 2024. The new requirement is stated as follows: Coursework must be chosen from at least three of four time periods: 1) Ancient, 2) Medieval, 3) Early Modern, 4) Modern/Contemporary. Coursework must also be taken in at least two areas (European/US/Canada, East Asian, South Asian, African, Islamic, Diasporic, Indigenous). A course designated as Global – or any other category without a specific area focus – may count toward the distribution requirement if the student's final paper is on an appropriate topic.
State the reason for creating the course and explain the place of the course in the graduate program.
Approx. 100–150 words; may include further description of format or course presentation.
The Governance process requires that we consult graduate units where similarity or overlap may occur. Please list the graduate units we should consult for this course. Indicate “None” if there is no similarity or overlap expected.
List a few learning outcomes for the course.
Scheduling Information
Please complete the following scheduling information for your graduate course. Thank you for understanding that requests for terms, days and times will be accommodated as much as possible but cannot be guaranteed. During timetable planning, you may be contacted for alternate options. In 2024-25, tri-campus department meetings will be held Thursdays 1-3pm.
Multiple selections are encouraged.
Multiple selections are encouraged.
Multiple selections are encouraged.