Scholarships and Awards

A comprehensive list of major scholarships and awards for which applicants may be eligible can be found on the School of Graduate Studies website. 

SGS funding information:

MA Scholarships and Awards

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) CGS-M

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

Teetzel Fellowship
Students in University College should note that the generous bequest of Mrs Rita K. Teetzel (U.C. 1912) provides for four student awards. The Rita K. Teetzel Fellowship (value $4,000) is for a student who enrols in either a graduate program in art history or a program of professional training in art, architecture or urban design (in a degree program at a recognized institution).

Special MA Scholarship
Information on this Scholarship is usually received in September. One must be nominated by a faculty member and the deadline for application is December 1st. Application forms must be specifically requested by the Chair of the Department.

PhD Student Fellowships and Scholarships

Refer to SGS's How Funding Works: Research-Stream Programs.

Students admitted to the PhD program will receive a five-year financial package that includes for each year $17,500 plus tuition. International students will have their higher tuition fully paid with this offer.  In addition to this package, top applicants may be offered an entry award and those holding major external awards may be offered a top-up award. SSHRC or OGS scholarship: you will be expected to apply for these each year in October and the Winter term respectively. No TA hours will be required if you apply for and receive a SSHRC or OGS scholarship. This funding package is contingent in part on your maintaining satisfactory progress toward completion of your degree and acceptance of any work assignment provided as part of the package.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Doctoral Awards

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

Connaught Scholarship
This Scholarship is the prestige award of the Graduate School and the University of Toronto for 1st year doctoral students maintaining an “A” standing. Application for this award is by Departmental recommendation only.

Mary H. Beatty Fellowship
Entrance fellowship into the doctoral program. Similar conditions as for the Connaught scholarship apply. Application for this award is by Departmental recommendation only.

External Funding

Students may also search out funding from external sources, such as:

Students should apply for all sources of external funding for which they are eligible.


Please refer to the FAQ page and/or contact the Graduate Assistant.