Prabhjeet Kaur Johal

PhD Student


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • Hellenistic Art and Archaeology
  • Art and numismatics of Gandhara and Bactria
  • Art of the Arsacid Empire
  • Cross-cultural interaction
  • Reception of Greek art in Rome

Working Dissertation


Wine Culture in Parthia and Gandhara: Rewriting the Classical Narrative of Dionysus in the East


SeungJung Kim


My BA and Mst specializes in Classical Art and Archaeology with a specific focus on Greeks in the East during the Hellenistic period and in particular in Bactria and Gandhara. I am interested in issues of cross-cultural interaction as a theoretical framework in art historical practice as well as its historiographic application to the study of the Hellenistic and Roman periods as addressed in both post-colonial theory as well as in colonial art history and archaeology. I am also interested in the reception of Greek art in Rome and the formation of elite Roman epistemological systems surrounding the display and experience of art. I have previously taken part in archaeological excavations and conservation work at the sites of Despotiko in Greece, Stobi in Macedonia, and Populonia in Italy. Along with my studies in classical art and archaeology, I have also studied fine arts at Central Saint Martins at the University of Arts London. My current research is on Dionysus in the East as well as wine production and consumption scenes from Ecbatana to Taxila.

Recent Awards

  • 2020-2021 Mitacs Globalink Research Award
  • 2020-2021 Joseph W. and Maria C. Shaw Graduate Scholarship in Archaeology
  • 2020 Ancient India and Iran Trust award
  • 2019–2022 Joseph-Armand Bombardier Scholarship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • 2019 Mediterranean Archaeology Collaborative Specialization Fieldwork Award


Mst, University of Oxford, Classical Archaeology, 2015
BA, University of British Columbia, Archaeology and History of Greece, Rome, and the Near East, 2014
FDA, Central Saint Martins, Visual Art and Design, 2011