Current Undergraduate Courses

For a complete list of Art History undergraduate courses, see our Faculty Arts & Science Calendar entry. Please keep in mind, not all courses listed in the Calendar are offered in a given year.

Course Timetables

The Faculty of Arts & Science Timetable lists the courses that are being offered in a given session. Please visit Academics & Registration for registration instructions and sessional dates.

Special Topics Courses

These courses vary from year to year. For course descriptions and other information please visit the Special Topics Courses page.

Course Materials

The majority of courses in the Art History program use either the Federated Academic Digital Imaging System (FADIS) or Quercus to generate web material including syllabi, lecture slides, and handouts. Log in using your UTORid and password. Please consult with your course instructor to verify which learning management system is used.

Related Courses Offered Outside the Department

Majors may count up to 1.0 FCE–and Specialists up to 2.0 FCE–from the FAH Course Groups listings to satisfy degree requirements for FAH courses. Please visit the page “Related Disciplines and Courses” for more information about courses offered outside the department.

Independent Study Courses at the 400 Level

Eligible students may undertake an independent study course under the supervision of a Department of Art History (St. George Campus) faculty member. To apply for an independent study course, complete and submit the FAH Independent Study Application Form to the Director of Undergraduate Studies before the usual course enrolment deadline (early September for F & Y courses; early January for S courses.) If approved, the Undergraduate Office will enrol you in the course on ACORN.

Internship Courses

Internships allow students to learn about the practice of art history through first-hand experience in an art museum, commercial gallery, art publication, or educational institution. In addition to the University of Toronto Art Museum Toronto offers many opportunities to develop a suitable short-term position. Students interested in an internship will be expected to make the professional connections and define the nature of the project well before the semester in which they wish to begin the internship. The Director of Undergraduate Studies and department faculty are excellent resources for contacts within the art community in Toronto.

In order for the internship to receive credit, students will need to have the semester project approved before the start of the semester. They should submit a short (one to two paragraphs) statement of the project, signed by both the student and the supervisor of the internship to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. This statement must include a description of the project including relevant activities and a clear educational goal for the internship. Appropriate internships might include contribution to the planning or research for an exhibition, developing curatorial files on collections, assisting with a publication, developing educational materials, or other substantive activities that offer the opportunity for learning more about the practice of art history, cultural work that engages with objects, and publications. Other areas are possible but the project should be discussed with the Director of Undergraduate Studies well beforehand.

Most internship will be for one semester only; the maximum amount of credit possible for an internship is one full credit. Students should request to register for either FAH481H1 or FAH481Y1. Students may not register for both.

With the exception of U of T Art Museum internships, at the end of the internship, for credit to be given, students will write a report (two to three pages) on the experience, to be submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Studies by the end of classes of the semester in which the internship was taken.

Summer Abroad Programs

Studying original works of art and architecture is a key component in the history of art. The Department of Art History offers, through Woodsworth College, courses abroad on a regular basis and encourages students to consider enroling in these. Courses are offered on a rotating basis; please consult Woodsworth College’s Summer Abroad website, the department’s website, and the registration handbook for information on specific courses offered in any given year.

Study Elsewhere Programs

In addition to the FAH courses offered abroad every summer, it is normally possible for students who have completed approximately 10 courses (in all departments) to continue their studies abroad for one year. Such students should be pursuing a Specialist or Major program. Application forms are available from the college registrars’ offices. Applicants must obtain approval of the Departmental Adviser for Study Elsewhere on their forms, and submit them to the Office of the Faculty Registrar, Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1006. Consult the Centre for International Experience website for more information.

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