Thinking/Walking (with Kant)

When and Where

Friday, April 30, 2021 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm


D. N. Rodowick, Glen A. Lloyd Distinguished Service Professor in the College and the Division of Humanities at the University of Chicago
Ian Balfour, Professor Emeritus, York University
Rebecca Comay, Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto


Seven Bridges (Kant) (2019) is the most recent instalment in D.N. Rodowick's peripatetikos series of experimental videos and installation works devoted to sites of thinking and walking in the history of philosophy. Immanuel Kant led a life famously ordered by chronology; locals referred to him as “the Königsberg clock.” One invariable daily ritual was an hour’s walk that began precisely each day at 3pm. (This ritual was reputedly broken only once, when Kant rushed out to buy an early printing of Rousseau’s Emile.) In Seven Bridges (Kant), Rodowick extracts seven fragments from Philippe Colin’s Les dernières jours d’Emmanuel Kant (1996)—a film inspired in turn by Thomas de Quincey's 1827 essay of the same name—further refining, reshuffling, and altering sound and rhythm in subtle ways. In the resulting work, the fragments of Kant’s chronology—which together constitute the "clock" generated in and by his routines and rhythms—are pulled apart and reassembled into seven de-chronologized variations of these elemental actions, that in turn produce surprising micro-narratives with shifting affects. Still, in spite of this radical disordering of time, with its repetitions, recursions, and retrogressions, Kant arrives at his predetermined end, and so must we all.

Rodowick will introduce the work, followed by a conversation with fellow thinker-walkers Ian Balfour and Rebecca Comay, and a general Q&A with the live audience.

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The event will also be livestreamed via the @Dramaturgies of Resistance Facebook page.

More information on Rodowick's work (including excerpts from Seven Bridges, as well as the whole film) can be found at, and Colin's Les dernières jours d'Emmanuel Kant can be viewed on Youtube.


JHI Program for the Arts 2020-2021, Dramaturgies of Resistance