2019-2020 Work Study Positions

August 2, 2019 by Department of Art History

The University of Toronto’s Work Study Program offers on-campus positions that provide students with an opportunity to gain practical work experience. Through the Work Study Program, students develop their knowledge, strengthen their skills and explore how their academic studies translate to career possibilities.

The Student Application Period for the Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Work Study Program opens on August 7, 2019.
At that time, the Department of Art History will accept applications for the following Work Study Positions:

  • Image Services Cataloguer, Job # 145949 (2 positions)
  • Image Technician, Job # 145948 (2 positions)
  • Office Assistant & Customer Service Support, Job # 145259 (1 position)
  • Research Assistant (Art History), Job # 146227 (1 position)
  • Research Assistant (Early Modern Sculpture), Job # 145042 (1 position)
  • Research Assistant (Image Cultures of Arctic Exploration), Job # 145048 (1 position)
  • Research Assistant (Islamic Archaeology), Job# 146516 (1 position)
  • Research Assistant (Medieval Art Project), Job # 146225 (1 position)

You can find full job descriptions and application information at the CLN website beginning August 7th.

Student Eligibility

  • University of Toronto Student
  • Non-degree students are NOT eligible for Work Study
  • Students are permitted to accept only ONE Work Study position per program period.
  • Students doing a placement (e.g. co-op work term) already are NOT eligible for work study
  • Students registered in the Toronto School of Theology are NOT eligible for Work Study positions.

Fall/Winter Course Load: Domestic undergraduate and graduate degree students enrolled in at least 40% course load continuously from September to April, totalling at least 2.0 credits (e.g. the minimum would be 0.5 credits in one session and 1.5 credits in the other).

International undergraduate and graduate students studying on a full-time basis (part-time NOT eligible), continuously from September to April (check your enrollment status on ACORN), subject to federal government requirements (please see the Government of Canada website for rules and regulations).