Bronwen Cox awarded a Jackman Humanities Institute Undergraduate Fellowship

September 13, 2021 by Department of Art History

Congratulations to Bronwen Cox—a 2021–22 Jackman Humanities Institute (JHI) undergraduate fellow and recipient of the James Fleck Undergraduate Award in the Humanities! The JHI 2021–22 annual theme is Pleasure. Bronwen works on depictions of female pleasure in Modern Art. Bronwen is completing an undergraduate specialist in Art History and a double minor in Spanish and Italian.

The heart of the Jackman Humanities Institute is its Circle of Fellows, a group of scholars at every level from undergraduate to faculty, who are chosen for the excellence of their research and for its relevance to the Annual Theme. Fellows hold private offices (or in the case of undergraduate fellows, carrels) in a quiet, shared enclave; they attend a weekly lunch to hear one of their members or an invited guest discuss their research; they organize events for the group such as tours, reading groups, and informal parties; and they talk. In the process of sharing their projects and the contours of their various disciplines, they find new ways to conceptualize their work, discover resources, and force each other to think beyond disciplinary assumptions to the wider goal of how their project addresses the Humanities as a whole.