Department of History of Art/Graduate Department of Art to host Connecting Art Histories project

November 17, 2014 by Department of Art History

The Department of History of Art, St. George campus, and the Tri-Campus Graduate Program in the History of Art are pleased to announce that they are embarking on a Getty Foundation-funded Connecting Art Histories Project, “Global and Postglobal Perspectives on Medieval Art and Art History,” in partnership with the School of Arts and Humanities at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA). Through a program of exchange teaching and funded fieldtrips for faculty and students at both institutions to sites in China and Sicily, this project aims to develop connective and comparative understandings of medieval art and art history in China and North America. In this way it seeks to establish durable links between scholars and graduate students of medieval art, broadly conceived, in both regions, thus contributing to the worldwide growth of the discipline of art history.

For more information about the Getty Foundation Connecting Art Histories initiative, click HERE.

For detailed information about the UofT-GAFA project for current and prospective students, HERE.