New Video Series: Art History in 10

March 1, 2021 by Department of Art History

Because there is an almost unlimited number of different ways to approach the study of art, Art History is multi-faceted and interdisciplinary – which is why it is such a fascinating and dynamic field! To provide some insight into the various perspectives, techniques, and methods employed by art historians today, faculty members and graduate students from the Department of Art History at the University of Toronto will speak about some of their favoured approaches in short, digestible videos. In just 10 minutes, we hope that you will learn a little more about specific areas of art historical investigation that you too could implement in your own research or teaching. 

Dr. Phil Sapirstein, Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Chair in the Department of Art History, kicks off this series with a mini-lecture on the application of 3D modelling, specifically the revolutionary new technique, photogrammetry, to art historical research and museum studies. You can check out Dr. Sapirstein's "Art History in 10" video on the Department of Art History's YouTube page.