Congratulations to our SSHRC Insight Grants Awards Winners!

June 28, 2021 by Department of Art History

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) recently announced the winners of its October 2020 Insight Grants Awards competition. Congratulations to the following faculty members on winning these prestigious grant awards. These successes speak to the excellence and capacity of our scholars.

Applicant: Elizabeth A. Harney (University of Toronto)
Collaborator: Dawit L. Petros (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
"The Retro-Modern: Artistic and Critical Returns to African Modernity"

Applicant: Christy J. Anderson (University of Toronto)
"Ships and Maritime Spaces in the Early Modern North Atlantic"

Applicant: Jason E. Neelis (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Co-applicant: Ryan Anningson (Queen's University), Debra Foran (Wilfrid Laurier University), Colin Robertson (Wilfrid Laurier University), Ali H. Zaidi (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Collaborator: Anas Mahmud Arif (Hazara University Mansehra), Laurianne Bruneau (École pratique des hautes études), Deepali Dewan (University of Toronto), Candis L. Haak (State University of New York at Oswego), Mueezuddin Hakal (Quaid-I-Azam University), Abdul Hameed (Hazara University Mansehra), Ihsanullah Jan (Hazara University Mansehra), Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro (Pakistan Institute of Development Economics), Ian McCrabb (University of Sydney), Heather M. L. Miller (University of Toronto), Michael C. Skinner (University of Hawai'i at Hilo), Fizza Syeda (Hazara University Mansehra), Murtaza Taj (Lahore University of Management Sciences
"Epigraphic and petroglyphic complexes of the Upper Indus: Digital preservation and promotion of written and visual cultures"

Applicant: Pamela E. Klassen (University of Toronto)
Collaborator: Krista L. Barclay (University of Toronto), Craig N. Cipolla (Royal Ontario Museum), Philip J. Deloria (Harvard University), Spencer Dew (Ohio State University), Matthew W. Dougherty (Victoria University, Toronto), Meghan Howey (University of New Hampshire), John Low (Ohio State University), Mikinaak Migwans (University of Toronto), Lindsay M. Montgomery (University of Arizona)
"Remediating the Mound Builders: Networks of Knowledge and Memory around the Great Lakes"

For the full list of award winners, please check the SSHRC Insight Grants website.