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Jeff Thomas photograph titled "Why Do Indians Always Have to Move?" Samuel de Champlain Monument, Ottawa
Professor Meric Gertler standing in front of empty tables and chairs
HASA 2019-20 Symposium Journal cover
The Olympic-sized pool at U of T's Athletic Centre, closed since the spring, will be reopening with reduced occupancy (photo by Thomas Bollman/Seed9)
School of Graduate Studies Text Logo
Associate Professor SeungJung Kim
Undergraduate Research Prize text atop image of students studying. Profile picture of Colin Stewart to the right of the text.
Top left: Hush Sky Murmur Hole (Megan Rooney, 2020); Top right: Face mask on Rembrandt's Portrait of a Lady with a Lap Dog (c. 1665); Bottom left: Photograph of outside of Aga Khan Museum; Bottom right: Green cartoon T-rex flossing its teeth
Solidarity Black Community