2021 Winter Art History Courses

January 4, 2021 by Department of Art History

Faculty of Arts & Science undergraduate students are reminded that 2021 Winter classes begin on January 11, 2021. Due to ongoing public health restrictions that limit non-essential travel outside the home, all Department of Art History (FAH) courses and their components will be offered remotely in the Winter 2021 Term. Students have until January 24 to enrol.

Some FAH courses that currently have space available include:

  • FAH205H1-S Clay: A Material and Visual History *View the course promo video on YouTube*
    Instructor: C. Knappett
    Online-Synchronous (Wed 11 AM to 1 PM)
    This course will reveal the deep history of clay, stretching back to the Palaeolithic period with the first clay figurines; through the Neolithic period with its extensive use of clay for the earliest permanent houses, the first inorganic containers, and many votive offerings in clay; all the way to the present day with the ceramic art of Pablo Picasso, Grayson Perry, and Ai Weiwei. Our approach will also be thoroughly global, ranging from the Maya of Mesoamerica to the Mingei of Japan.
  • FAH255H1-S Art of Indigenous North America
    Instructor: M. Migwans
    Online-Synchronous (Tues 10 AM to 12 PM)
    A broad survey of Indigenous arts in North America from Mexico to the Arctic, and from ancient to modern. Students will gain a basic literacy in key artforms including painting, architecture, basketry and more, grounded in an awareness of Indigenous realities and historical currents.
  • FAH307H1-S Ancient Art, Migration, and the Barbarian ‘Other’ *View the course promo video on YouTube*
    Instructor: C. Katsougiannopoulou
    Online-Synchronous (Mon 3 to 5 PM)
    This course surveys the cultural, artistic and social interactions between the Graeco-Roman world and the so-called ‘Barbarians’ beyond its eastern and northern confines. Chronologically, it spans from the Greek Geometric and Archaic periods (9th - 6th c. BCE) to the disintegration of the Western Roman Empire and the emergence of Early Medieval Europe (6th- 7th c. CE). The course will address issues of artistic production, material culture, ritual and cult in relation to the mobility of peoples and groups, objects and individuals.
  • FAH319H1-S Illuminated Manuscripts
    Instructor: R. Golding
    Online-Synchronous (Thurs 1 to 3 PM)
    A focused survey of different types of manuscripts and their images from the origins of the book in Late Antiquity to the invention of printing.
  • FAH380H1-S The Art and Architecture of Healing: The Material Culture of Pre-Modern Medicine *View the course promo video on YouTube*
    Instructor: A. Minden
    Online-Synchronous (Mon 2 to 4 PM)
    The study of various aesthetic, cultural, social, political, and theoretical aspects of Western art and photography across the centuries.
  • FAH473H1-S Studies in Canadian Architecture and Landscapes *View the course promo video on YouTube*
    Instructor: J. Mace
    Online-Synchronous (Fri 1 to 3 PM)
    An in-depth study of themes in the history of architecture and landscape in Canada.
  • FAH486H1-S Case Studies at the Royal Ontario Museum: Furniture
    Instructor: R. Fox
    Online-Synchronous (Thurs 1 to 3 PM)
    This is an object/artifact-based course that serves as an introduction to furniture history as relates to the European and Canadian furniture on display in the galleries of the Royal Ontario Museum. Instructional strategies include the fundamentals of artifact analysis and the methodologies of furniture study. Stylistic developments in the furniture of France, Britain and the United States are highlighted as a backdrop to understanding Canadian furniture of the 17th through early 19th centuries. Also considered are social, economic and political forces that help to explain preferences in styles, designs and forms, as are craft organization, construction techniques and conservation issues.
  • FAH489H1-S Music and Art in Early Modern Europe
    Instructor: S. Chang
    Online-Synchronous (Mon 11 AM to 1 PM)
    Focused examination of special topics in any period of Mediterranean, European, North American, or Asian art and architecture.