Congratulations to Dr. Carl Knappett! Recipient of Dean's Research Excellence Award

January 8, 2024 by Department of Art History

The Department of Art History is pleased to announce that Dr. Carl Knappett is one of six recipients of the Faculty of Arts & Science's Dean's Research Excellence Awards! Launched last year, the Dean’s Research Excellence Awards recognize faculty members whose research achievements have been cited as especially impactful. The awards were established to help accomplished mid-career researchers to compete successfully in national award competitions. Winners have contributed a wealth of research that has had a sustained influence in their chosen disciplines.

Congratulations to Dr. Knappett on receiving this prestigious award!

For a detailed list of all the winners and to read the full announcement, please visit the Faculty of Arts & Science's Recent News webpage.

Carl KnappettCarl Knappett is a leading scholar of Aegean prehistory where he specializes in the protohistoric societies of the Bronze Age east Mediterranean, most specifically Minoan Crete. Conducting multisite fieldwork, and through ancient ceramic reconstruction, he attempts to understand various aspects of past social life, from crafting activities to consumption choices, asking why ancient societies made and used so many containers, and with such variety. Recently, his fieldwork morphed from purely ceramic study into a full-blown excavation at the site of Palaikastro on Crete. Now architecture, stone, metal, plaster and bioarchaeological finds also feature prominently in his research. Knappett is a leader in the early adoption of network analysis in archaeology, as well as developing innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to the study of material and visual culture.